Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, MA

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Did you know you can get a free energy audit every two years? It’s a great way to find out how to make your home more energy efficient and to access incentives. Now, through a partnership with Home Energy Works, you can generate a donation to Mothers Out Front when you sign in for an energy audit through this link:


On Monday, Dec. 5th, Mothers Out Front met with Mr William Akley, President Eversource Gas Operations, along with Mr. Thomas Hart, Director of Gas Engineering, and Mr. Robert Buffone, Manager of Gas Engineering and we are very pleased to announce that Eversource Gas has committed to working together with us on our Super Emitter Pilot Study underway in Cambridge, MA!!  We appreciate this gesture of solidarity and commitment of resources as together we all work to ensure a livable climate for our children.

  • WHAT IS THE SUPER EMITTER PILOT STUDY?   Dr. Hendricks and Dr. Phillips of Boston University recently published work showing that not only are the leaks in gas pipelines under our streets not all the same size but actually, just 7% of the leaks are leaking 50% of the total methane leaked!  This means that despite our aging gas infrastructure, we have an opportunity to very quickly cut our leaked methane emissions from pipelines in half by targeting those largest leaks.  BUT, we need to determine the best method for identifying those largest leaks - that is the question this study is asking.
  • WHAT IS INVOLVED?  Together, we will be using multiple techniques and technologies to identify a group of leaks that we are hypothesizing are our largest leaks.  Then Eversource Gas will be prioritizing those leaks for repair and working with our team of scientists to measure volume coming off the exposed pipe when it is excavated.  This will allow us to confirm whether the leaks are actually large volume as expected - and also which identification technique was most efficient at finding the biggest ones!
  • WHO and WHEN?  Mothers Out Front Cambridge is working together with Eversource Gas, Cambridge’s Vice Mayor Marc McGovern, DPW Commissioner Owen O’Riordan, Audrey Schulman of HEET, Professor Nathan Phillips of Boston University and other Gas Leaks Allies to get this important work accomplished quickly and efficiently.  In fact, we intend to have the selection process completed before Spring 2017 and look forward to sharing and publishing our results before the end of 2017.  

So, stay tuned as we move forward together to cut Cambridge’s gas pipeline methane emissions in half by the end of 2017!!! 


Who We Are

We are mothers, grandmothers, and caregivers who are united in our belief that we need to act NOW to ensure a healthy, vibrant climate for all children.

We are EDUCATING ourselves and others about the dangers of fossil fuels, we are ENGAGING our friends and neighbors in the campaign to switch our homes and city to clean electricity, we are ENERGIZING our political and community leaders to stand with us as we shift to a cleaner energy future, and we are EFFECTING meaningful change in reducing carbon emissions here in our fair city.  





What We Have Accomplished.

  • In the spring of 2016 we launched our "Raise A Stink" campaign to draw attention to the gas leaks in Cambridge.   These gas leaks are harming our climate, killing our trees, and affecting our health.   

    Here is what we did:

    - inspired our City Council to pass a unanimous resolution supporting our campaign

    - organized a campaign kick-off at City Hall with local and state officials and media coverage

    - tagged all 231 leaks with flags and informational signs

    - developed eye-catching campaign materials

    - garnered radio, print, and TV media coverage (NPR's "Morning Edition" and "Living on Earth", Channel 5 news)

    - modeled a gas leaks campaign that is being replicated across the country 

    - engaged more than 75 volunteers of all ages in our 2 day tagging event

    - joined our voices with our allies to push for statewide legislation on harmful gas leaks 

    - testified before City Council and the Department of Public Utilities

    - turned out scores of active volunteers at events, including gas leaks hearings at Boston City Hall, pipeline hearings and rallies, and statewide actions with allies


    Currently we are working on addressing super emitter gas leaks, changing the narrative about natural gas being clean, expanding our numbers, and setting goals for 2017.

    We need you to make our next campaign successful, impactful, and game-changing.   Won't you join us?

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There’s a place for you in our growing movement! Please contact us so we can connect with you at a house party, community event, or informal gathering.  Our team is welcoming, supportive, and dynamic. We look forward to meeting you and finding out how we can work together to build a clean energy future.